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Be sure to follow our Twitter account for the latest updates! List of Contents. While the HP bane is preferable, it is a superbane, meaning she will take -4 in the stat, so be careful. This is a Galeforce based build for Tsubasa. With skills that raise her Atk and Heavy Blade, Galeforce's cooldown count will become quicker, allowing her to gain additional movement bost combat. Link skills are useful in this build as Tsubasa and a nearby ally will both give and receive eachother additional bonuses.

This is a basic skillset for Tsubasa. Blade Session and Swift Sparrow will trigger when initiating combat, greatly increasing her offensive ability. Source Heroes for All Skills. Tsubasa's weapon cannot currently be refined. This section will be updated if it becomes refineable in the future! About the Weapon Refinery.

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Therefore, when not accounting for the Weapon Trianglethe amount of damage she deals will be equivalent to her Atk minus the foe's Def stat. Tsubasa's exclusive weapon Mirage Feather is a powerful weapon effective on armored and cavalry foes.

Therefore, she is at her peak when doing her movement action after another ally has first finished theirs even if it just means keeping them in the same spot. Keep in mind though that this buff is only present when initiating combat. Tsubasa by default has the powerful C skill Hone Fliers. As a flying unit, Tsubasa takes 1. Archers could spell trouble for her, so make sure she avoids the line of fire.

Tsubasa - Madcap Idol only appears as a 5 Star Hero. Unlock Potential Tier List.

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Tsubasa can be used to inherit Blade Session 3. Since you can inherit four skills at a time, you should also learn the prerequisite skills from a lower rarity unit and inherit Moonbow or Hone Fliers at the same time.

Keep in mind that Tsubasa is a pretty good unit on her own, so you may just want to develop her before foddering off or merging any duplicates. She's a focus unit atm. She looks weird and does not look like a Fire Emblem Character.

Ayra's New Refine!

Weird in a good way though.Tsubasa is an eighteen-year-old seventeen in the Japanese version high school student and a childhood friend of Itsuki Aoi. After awakening as a Mirage Mastershe forms a sisterly bond with Caeda. She joins Fortuna Entertainment in the hopes of becoming a singer like her idol Kiria Kuronoand in hopes of finding her missing sister.

Her birthday is December 2. Five years prior to the story, Tsubasa was involved in an incident where her older sister Ayaha Oribemysteriously disappeared during a concert she was holding alongside nearly the entire audience and staff on site. Tsubasa was the only survivor.

Tsubasa Builds and Best IVs | Fire Emblem Heroes

Over the course of five years, Tsubasa developed a dream to become an idol to better understand her sister and perhaps learn the truth behind her mysterious disappearance. Tsubasa joins Fortuna alongside Itsuki due to her strong Performa levels attracting the attention of Maiko. During Kiria's performance in Shibuya, Mirages lay siege in Shibuyatransforming into a labyrinth.

Ascending the tower, Tsubasa discovers that Ayaha is alive and is possessed by a malevolent force. On the roof of the tower, they find an Aversa possessed Ayaha and Tsubasa fights her in order to break the mirage's control over her. After successfully driving Aversa out of Ayaha, her sister makes a full recovery and joins Fortuna as an employee.

Tsubasa is overjoyed with their reunion and redoubles her efforts so she can focus on her idol debut. Tsubasa makes her official debut as an idol by releasing her first single Feeldrawing the attention of her classmates and many publishing companies.

Her very first job is a model, a task she is apprehensive, but with encouragement from Itsuki, she devotes her all to the job.

Unfortunately, her first job ends with her frustrating the photographer Nobu Horinozawa due to her inexperience and nervousness. Shortly after, Shibuya is affected by another Idolasphere. Horinozawa in turn is revealed to be the one who created it due to being possessed by Gangrel. After making it through the Idolasphere and encountering Nobu, Tsubasa fails once more to impress Nobu and the Mirage Masters are warped out of the Idolasphere.

Despite the effect of the Idolasphere, a small group of citizens are normal due to Yashiro Tsurugi 's latest concert.

Realizing that Tsubasa lacks the ability to express themselves, they return to their office to improve Tsubasa's confidence.

Yatsufusa, who has returned to normal, visits the office to speak to Maiko where they learn of the Maiko and Nobu's modeling books called "My Complex".

Tsubasa decides to use the book as a reference and enlists Itsuki's help to give her more natural poses that suits her. With a bit of adjustments, they manage to make a suitable pose and present it to Nobu once more. Her newfound confidence and relaxed state inspires him to take her photo and also draws Gangrel out of him after Nobu realizes that Gangrel will never understand the art of photography. Tsubasa and the rest use the opportunity to fight and defeat Gangrel.

With Gangrel's grip over Maiko dispelled, Tsubasa thanks Maiko for giving her the inspiration needed to be a proper model. Tsubasa is able to successfully perform in her first real photoshoot with Nobu alongside Maiko and a new girl. Though happy with her success, even getting a compliment from Kiria, the new attack on Shibuya greatly worry the company. The company figures that the attacks must be plotted by a Mirage possessing someone powerful and influential in the entertainment industry.

Luckily, another Fortuna Mirage Master returns to the industry to help. The new girl from earlier, Eleonora Yumizuru.

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Tsubasa gains traction in the idol industry, landing a role as Sneeze Detective Maho directed by notorious director Kuen Tarachino. Unfortunately, her acting skills are amateurish, frustrating Tarachino. As she is chewed out by Tarachino, Daitama Studio is suddenly besieged by Mirages lead by an Excellus possessed Tarachino.

As the Mirage Masters attempt to break through to Kuen, they help Tsubasa develop acting skills; learning to act with gusto from Touma, pouring in emotion with Eleanora, and finally performing a kiss scene with Itsuki.Any defensive Flaw works well, since Tsubasa wants to 2HKO her enemies before they can counterattack. With its Desperation effect, Tsubasa can work around her middling defenses by focusing on 2HKOing the enemy before they can counterattack.

Moonbow is a great option, helping Tsubasa score KOs on physically-bulky enemies she may not be able to KO otherwise. Its 2-cooldown also allows Tsubasa to activate it on her second attack if Heavy Blade is activated and no Guard effect is active on the enemy. Given the Player Phase style of offensive sets, Tsubasa will be initiating for most of her combat, making Swift Sparrow a synergistic choice.

Chill Def inflicts -7 Defense on the enemy with the highest Defense, assisting both Tsubasa and her physical allies in KOing physical walls. Which one to use should be chosen based on whether or not Tsubasa has flying allies. Def Smoke inflicts -7 Defense on enemies within 2 spaces of the target, helping Tsubasa and her physical allies KO immediate threats. Fliers skills such as Hone Fliers work well if using Tsubasa with flying allies, granting buffs that otherwise could not be granted with a singular skill.

Despite her middling base Attack, Tsubasa is more than capable of increasing her Attack to heights where she can consistently activate Heavy Blade. With this, she can activate 2-cooldown Specials on her second attack if no Guard effect is active, allowing her to dish out more consistent damage.

Tsubasa needs to activate Heavy Blade to activate Galeforce after her first combat, so raising her Attack as high as possible while ensuring she performs a follow-up attack is optimal. Like Tsubasa being the star of the stage, Galeforce is the star of this set, allowing Tsubasa to perform another action when activated. With this, Tsubasa could score 2 KOs rather than just 1, or hit-and-run, or many other possibilities.

tsubasa feh reddit

Def Smoke inflicts -7 Defense on enemies within 2 spaces of the target, which is especially helpful for Galeforce strategies since Tsubasa can immediately take advantage of the -7 Defense debuff if she activates Galeforce.

Tsubasa sets herself apart from generic Lance Fliers with her personal weapon, the Mirage Feather. Gaining Desperation without an HP requirement after an ally has acted allows Tsubasa to change her B slot from Desperation to any other B slot, along with not needing to be injured to perform 2 consecutive attacks. With an outstanding 40 Speed that can soar even higher with Mirage Feather, Tsubasa has no trouble consistently performing follow-up attacks. She also has increased survivability, being able to prevent most natural enemy follow-up attacks.

While not great, 39 HP and 30 Resistance 68 magical bulk is sufficient to consistently survive one magical attack. She could also utilize Sabotages and Ploys if the player invests in her Resistance. As a Flier, Tsubasa is able to cross nearly any terrain, which is especially beneficial for helping her allies move across the map via Assist skills such as Reposition and Smite.

She also has access to many movement-based skills that help both herself and her allies mobilize around the map, including Aerobatics, Flier Formation, Ground Orders, Air Orders, and Guidance.All stats have a degree of variation. The stat growth page explains how the variation works. This set of values, after being multiplied by a rarity factor, determines how much each stat will increase from level 1 to level 40, see stat growth.

For stat values between level 1 and 40, see this page. Sign In. From Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. You may be looking for:. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

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Support Contact PRO. Heroic Ordeal. Energetic high schooler and idol, partnered to Caeda. She gives any job her all. Effective against armored and cavalry foes.

At start of turn, inflicts Spd-3 on foe on the enemy team with the highest Spd through its next action.

Tsubasa Oribe

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Tsubasa: Madcap Idol

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tsubasa feh reddit

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tsubasa feh reddit

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